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Code Hardware

Faster. Easier.

Code Automations
Easier to Read
Less Code
Fewer Bugs
Cloud and Desktop Deployment
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Use Pre-Built Automations
Create Custom Automations
Faster, Easier

Reduce the HDL you write and verify by over 80%.

Greater Abstraction

Use objects in addition to logics, regs, and wires.

Same Language

No learning a new language, use the same HDL.

HDL Tool for HDL Devs

Not HLS, a tool designed to enhance HDL devs.

We Loved Our Tool

We’ve created FPGA solutions, fabricated ASICs, and have enjoyed HDL development and verification. But we always wanted the design / test flow to be simpler. We started to write small pieces of software to make certain tasks easier, and we just never stopped. This tool grew into Arctic Fox, an extensible HDL automation tool that works with existing code basis, exiting HDLs, and lets users create their own automations. Arctic Fox has redefined how we create digital logic solutions, and we hope you’ll love it too.

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